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Quality Assurance

Since the establishment of our company, we have been taking a great deal of care in maintaining the quality standards over the time by keeping it intact and brick-walled. To name a few among many, we offer Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutting Machine and other products. We always carry a stiff and resilient attitude in meeting the quality requirement by the customers and also pleasing them with our significant attention driven in the quality check of our products. Our superior approach in maintaining the product's traits have not only acquired us the faith of existing clients but has also helped us largely in expanding our business. We are an Our every products are instinctively trusted by our clients and consumers. Our endless range of products is garnered from large scaling international manufacturers such as Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, UK, Denmark, China and Russia.

Within our industry, we are well furnished with a quality control department which ensures the outflow of our best quality products like as Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutting Machine. This team keeps a regular eye in the manufacturing of our products and ensures that the quality of our stocks remain unharmed. The hi-tech machines laden with advance technology and robust techniques are brought under operation to determine the quality level of our commodity. We certify that we keep the quality, reliability and safety of our products as per international standards. We align ourselves smartly to the vivid global occurrence on latest technologies and furnish them with us to make our products efficient and long lasting. 

Product Range

Pioneer Intertrade Pvt. Ltd. provides the most efficient and widely used industrial machines and equipments like as Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutting Machine that are highly appreciated for their quality and manufacturing. The entire gamut of our product range is as under:

  • Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine: Cold Cutting, Gas Cutting, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutting Machine
  • Plate Beveling Machines: Tilting & fixed head type, Upside down model, Hand held plate bevelers        
  • Band Sawing Machines: Pivot, Miter, Vertical wide flange, Double column, Plate band-saws
  • Pipe & Section (Profile) Bending Machines: Hand held manual/ electric benders, Small bench type electric benders with or without digital control, Fully CNC controlled Production bending machines
  • Threading Machines: Manual Hand Threading Die-stocks, Hand Held Electric In-site Threading Die-stocks, Movable Thread Cutting & De-burring Machines, Production Threading Machines
  • Pipe Notching Machines: Universal type, Punching type
  • Magnetic Drilling Machines: Single Speed Basic Magnetic Drilling Machine, Machines capable of drilling holes of 110mm x 6" depth
  • Orbital Welding Machines: Tube-to-tube sheet & Tube-to-tube Orbital Welding Solution
  • Back Gouging Machines
  • Dish Ends Making Machines: A complete range of Dish End making machines for pressure vessels
  • Bench Orbital Pipe Saws
  • Bolt Tightening Equipment: Hydraulic & Pneumatic torque wrenches, ATEX certified Pneumatic Impact Wrenches, Hydraulic & Electric Impact Wrenches & Drills
  • Portable Hand Held Cutting Saws: A complete range of Universal Electric, Pneumatic & Hydraulic driven saws
  • Maintenance Equipment & Small Tools: Boiler Panel Cutting Saws, Flange Facing Machines, Pipe Pullers, Internal Tube Cutters For Heat Exchangers & Boilers Tungsten Electrode Grinder
  • Copper Pipe Working Tools: Electric soldering tools, Self igniting Brazing & Soldering gas Torches
  • Atex Certified Ventilation & Exhaust Fans
  • Pneumatic Drills: Pistol drills for underwater use, Drills with 'D'-handle for underground mining, Corner drills for drilling in inaccessible areas
  • Rotary Hammer Drills: Special drills for drilling in concrete masonry, natural stone, steel & wood. Pneumatic / hydraulic for use in underwater
  • Air Driven Straight Grinders & Angle/ Vertical Grinders: Special long neck straight grinders for grinding in difficult castings, Vertical grinders for weld slag removal, Two hand grinders with large wheel capacity up to 300mm
  • Special Tools For underwater use: Chain saws, reciprocating saws, sabre saws, drill & impact wrenches.

Our Spread Client Base

Being widespread, as that being our primary concern, we have some of the most influential and major clients throughout the country which include Indian Railways, Reliance Industries, NTPC, BPCL, etc. As limitation is what we don't believe in, the other industries where our products like Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutting Machine and others have a wide acclaim are:

Manufacturer & Fabricators of:

  • Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Structural Steel
  • Earth Moving Equipments, Railway Wagons
  • SS & Steel Pipe Fabrication

Manufacturers & Users of:

  • Boilers & Heat Exchangers
  • Engineering Industry & Automobile Ancillary industry
  • Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants
  • Shipyards
  • Steel & SS Pipe Mills
  • Railway Workshops
  • Municipalities / Sewage Depts
  • Air conditioning & Refrigeration Industry
  • Five Star Hotels
  • Foundries
  • Underground Coal Mines


  • Shut down, Plant Piping, Fire Sprinkler, Offshore, IBR
  • Plumbing, City Pipes Gas, RCC Core Drilling

New Projects/Maintenance Departments of:

  • Refineries, Fertilizers, Power Plants, Pesticides
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar breweries
  • Dairy, Food, Steel Plants, Oil Processing, Power Plants

Our Competitive Edge

Amongst the hefty and tight competition, where new industries are set up every day, we have managed to provide ourselves a firm and leading position in the industry through our hard work and constant work practices. Certain features that truly make our products like Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutting Machine etc, stand out of the crowd are:

  • Each product that is provided by has is made up of Supreme quality of raw materials.
  • We have a competently working after sale service to ensures that our customers are satisfied.
  • Every product that is offered by has a reasonable pricing tag to be afforded by anyone.
  • We provide our customers and clients with a vast range of products to choose from.
  • During our entire process, we highly practice ethical business practices for smooth conduct.
  • Owing to our employees and workers, We have an extensive experience of this industry.
  • We have joined hands with Reputed international partners for sourcing our quality products.